While it is not necessary to submit proof of financial support or passport copies to be considered for admission, we highly recommend doing so at your earliest convenience. If you are admitted to and choose to attend USC, this will help expedite the issuance of your I-20 or DS-2019 for your F-1 or J-1 student visa application. If you are currently in the U.S. studying on an F-1 or J-1 visa, or participating in post-graduation OPT, you must also submit financial documents per the instructions below to transfer your SEVIS record to USC and receive a USC I-20.

Since USC provides funding to most PhD students it admits, applicants to PhD programs need only submit a passport copy. No financial statement is required unless the student is admitted and the university has confirmed that no funding will be provided.

Program Costs

As an international student, you must submit proof of your ability to cover your total program costs for the first year of study on campus on an F-1 or J-1 visa, as determined by the USC Financial Aid Office. For example, you may not subtract living costs if you intend to live with a relative in Los Angeles or if you intend to enroll in fewer units. This documentation is required by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in order to receive your immigration documents from USC and ultimately your student visa.

The total cost of attendance below reflects total tuition and fees for one year of study only. The cost also includes health insurance, student programming fees, and living expenses in Los Angeles. You are not required to show evidence of financial ability beyond your program’s cost listed below. The cost is estimated for immigration purposes only and is not negotiable. 

To determine your program costs, please select the program to which you are applying from the table below.

Please note: If you have dependents who will apply for F-2/J-2 visas, you must be able to provide an additional $13,403 for your spouse and $6,701 for each child. 

Program Name Degree Type Tuition Living Total
Annenberg General Master'sMaster's$45,021$24,256$69,277
Annenberg General DoctoratePh.D.$53,161$24,256$77,417
Specialized JournalismMaster's$71,011$24,256$95,267
Specialized Journalism (The Arts)Master's$71,011$24,256$95,267
Global Communications (Year 2)Master's$45,021$24,256$69,277
Program Name Degree Type Tuition Living Total
Gerontology General Master'sMaster's$45,021$24,256$69,277
Gerontology General DoctoratePh.D.$53,161$24,256$77,417
Program Name Degree Type Tuition Living Total
Dornsife General Master'sMaster's$45,021$24,256$69,277
Dornsife General DoctoratePh.D.$53,161$24,256$77,417
Program Name Degree Type Tuition Living Total
All LL.M. ProgramsMaster's$75,439$24,256$99,695
J.D. ProgramJ.D.$75,439$24,256$99,695
Master of Comparative LawMaster's$75,439$24,256$99,695
Master of Studies in LawMaster's$75,439$24,256$99,695
Master of Dispute ResolutionMaster's$75,439$24,256$99,695
Dispute ResolutionGraduate Certificate$75,439$24,256$99,695
U.S. Legal StudiesGraduate Certificate$75,439$24,256$99,695
Program Name Degree Type Tuition Living Total
Biokinesiology Master'sMaster's$45,021$24,256$69,277
Biokinesiology Ph.D.Ph.D.$53,161$24,256$77,417
Physical TherapyDPT$70,821$24,256$95,077
Occupational Therapy 1 YearMaster's$52,969$24,256$77,225
Occupational Therapy 2 Year (Summer)Master's$69,585$24,256$93,841
Occupational Therapy DoctorateOTD$64,911$24,256$89,167
Program Name Degree Type Tuition Living Total
Keck General Master'sMaster's$45,021$24,256$69,277
Keck General DoctoratePh.D.$53,161$24,256$77,417
Public HealthMaster's$64,767$24,256$89,023
Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative MedicineMaster's$56,696$24,256$80,952
Neuroimaging and InformaticsMaster's$53,161$24,256$77,417
Global MedicineMaster's$60,948$24,256$85,204
Program Name Degree Type Tuition Living Total
Accounting with Summer IntensiveMaster's$82,728$29,240$111,968
Accounting Master's$71,676$24,256$95,932
Business Taxation with Summer IntensiveMaster's$82,728$29,240$111,968
Business Taxation Master's$71,676$24,256$95,932
Program Name Degree Type Tuition Living Total
Business AdministrationM.S.$46,161$24,256$70,417
Business AdministrationPh.D.$65,371$24,256$89,627
1-Yr Mid-Career IBEARExecutive MBA (EMBA)M.B.A.$124,897$41,948$166,845
Executive MBA (EMBA)M.B.A.$59,591$24,256$83,847
Business Administration (Full Time)M.B.A.$80,957$26,951$107,908
Business AnalyticsM.S.$41,977$24,256$66,233
Entrepreneurship and InnovationM.S.$68,831$24,256$93,087
Global Supply Chain ManagementM.S.$60,041$24,256$84,297
Management StudiesM.M.S.T.$54,529$24,256$78,785
Social EntrepreneurshipM.S.$67,939$28,951$96,890
Marshall Graduate Certificate (General)Graduate Certificate$40,951$24,256$65,207
Program Name Degree Type Tuition Living Total
Craniofacial BiologyPh.D.$28,242$24,256$52,498
Biomaterials and Digital DentistryM.S.$52,518$24,256$76,774
Biomedical Implants and Tissue EngineeringM.S.$52,518$24,256$76,774
Advanced EndodonticsGraduate Certificate$109,238$26,858$136,096
Advanced OrthodonticsGraduate Certificate$90,552$26,876$117,428
Advanced Pediatric DentistryGraduate Certificate$92,209$26,876$119,085
Advanced PeriodontologyGraduate Certificate$92,209$26,876$119,085
Advanced ProsthodonticsGraduate Certificate$112,852$26,876$139,728
Oral MedicineGraduate Certificate$111,938$26,858$138,796
Advanced Operative and Adhesive DentistryGraduate Certificate$64,945$28,205$93,150
Program Name Degree Type Tuition Living Total
Price General Master'sMaster's$45,021$24,256$69,277
Price General DoctoratePh.D.$53,161$24,256$77,417
Health AdministrationMaster's$64,767$24,256$89,023
Real Estate Development$99,716$97,662$30,993$128,655
Nonprofit Leadership and ManagementMaster's$85,321$32,233$117,554
Program Name Degree Type Tuition Living Total
Roski General Master'sMaster's$45,021$24,256$69,277
Program Name Degree Type Tuition Living Total
Rossier General Master'sMaster's$45,021$24,256$69,277
Educational LeadershipEd.D.$45,021$24,256$69,277
Global ExecutiveEd.D.$898$285$1,183
Urban Education PolicyPh.D.$53,161$24,256$77,417
Marriage and Family TherapyMaster's$80,957$35,884$116,841
Organizational Change and LeadershipEd.D.$898$285$1,183
Program Name Degree Type Tuition Living Total
Master of Architecture, First Professional DegreeMaster's$71,462$24,256$95,718
Master of Advanced Architectural Studies:  Post-Professional DegreeMaster's$88,178$29,551$117,729
Master of Building ScienceMaster's$53,161$24,256$77,417
Master of Heritage ConservationMaster's$53,161$24,256$77,417
Master of Landscape Architecture, First Professional DegreeMaster's$71,462$24,256$95,718
ArchitectureGraduate Certificate$36,881$24,256$61,137
Program Name Degree Type Tuition Living Total
Cinema General Master'sMaster's$51,601$24,256$75,857
Cinema General DoctoralPh.D.$53,161$24,256$77,417
Program Name Degree Type Tuition Living Total
General Dramatic Arts Master'sMaster's$45,021$24,256$69,277
Program Name Degree Type Tuition Living Total
Pharmacy General Master'sMaster's$66,517$24,256$90,773
Doctor of PharmacyPharm.D.$65,417$24,256$89,673
Regulatory SciencePh.D.$28,669$24,256$52,925
Regulatory ScienceMaster's$66,517$24,256$90,773
Healthcare Decision AnalysisMaster's$40,951$24,256$65,207
Program Name Degree Type Tuition Living Total
Social Work Master'sMaster's$61,213$24,256$85,469
Social Work Ph.D.Ph.D.$53,161$24,256$77,417
Program Name Degree Type Tuition Living Total
Thornton Graduate Degrees (except Graduate Certificates)Master's, DMA and PhD$38,281$24,256$62,537
Screen ScoringMaster's$66,771$24,256$91,027
Artist DiplomaGraduate Certificate$22,001$24,256$46,257
PerformanceGraduate Certificate$22,001$24,256$46,257
Arts LeadershipGraduate Certificate$77,581$24,256$101,837
Program Name Degree Type Tuition Living Total
Viterbi General Engineering Master'sMaster's$48,301$24,256$72,557
Viterbi General Engineering DoctoratePh.D.$57,097$24,256$81,353

These program costs are calculated for immigration purposes only and should not be considered a bill of expense. Actual costs may vary based on course load, living situation, lifestyle, etc. For estimated actual costs for your program, please visit the USC Office of Financial Aid website or contact your academic department.

What is an Acceptable Financial Document?

Please click the following link for information on the requirements for financial documents.

USC Guidelines for Acceptable Financial Support Documentation


How to Submit Your Documents

Upload to your online application (Webadmit)

Please upload your financial documents and passport copy on the “Documents” tab in the “Supporting Information” segment of your application. You may do so as part of your application when you submit. Alternately, you can upload these documents to your application after you have already submitted. Please note that there is only one upload option available for each type of document, so you must consolidate your documents. If you already used this option on your application and still need to send us additional material, you can send them as attachments in PDF or JPEG format here after you select “Immigration Matters (I-20s, Visas, etc)” under the Select a Category drop down menu.

If your program has already notified you that you are academically eligible for admission, please submit your documents directly here (after you select “Immigration Matters (I-20s, Visas, etc)” under the Select a Category drop down menu) as this will help prevent unnecessary delays. Documents submitted through your application after you’ve been notified of your academic eligibility for admission will not be reviewed.

Please note: Please do not send us your documents prior to submitting your application. Mailing your financial documents and passport copies is not recommended. Original financial documents are not required.

Submit Documents

Note that it may take up to 10 business days for your documents to be reviewed.