Financial Documentation Requirements

Requirements for International Student Proof of Funding

Per U.S. immigration regulations, all international students intending to study on F-1 or J-1 visa status are required to demonstrate proof of their ability to pay for their education and living expenses in the United States.

Before an I-20 or DS-2019 can be issued, USC requires a financial statement demonstrating proof of funding. If you are applying to a graduate program, it is not necessary to submit proof of financial support or passport copies to be considered for admission to USC. Documents can be submitted after an admission decision has been reached and you have committed to attend USC.

If you are applying for an undergraduate program, proof of financial support is required to be considered for admission to USC.

Cost Requirements for I-20 Program

To determine your I-20/DS-2019 cost requirements, please find your program, by degree level, in the drop-down below. These amounts cover estimated, average program expenses and living expenses for one year, as determined by the USC Financial Aid Office.

Please Note: These numbers are for immigration purposes only. They should not be considered a bill of expense for your program. Your actual expenses may vary based on course load, living situation, special fees, lifestyle, etc.

Regardless of your actual expenses, the I-20/DS-2019 costs below cannot be negotiated. For example, you may not subtract living costs if you intend to live with a relative in Los Angeles. For questions about your degree program’s curriculum, units, classes, fees, etc. please contact the admission office of your program.

PhD/Doctoral Applicants: Since USC provides funding to the majority of PhD candidates, PhD applicants do not need to submit a personal financial statement, unless the university has confirmed that no funding will be provided.

J-1 Students Only: Before the Office of Admission can issue a DS-2019, you must provide proof that the majority of your funding is sponsored by a government, university, or other major international organization. Personal funds may not be used unless you have dependent expenses not covered by your scholarship.

If you have dependents (a legal spouse or child) who will apply for F-2/J-2 visas, you must be able to provide an additional $14,253 for your spouse and $7,127 for each child.

Program Cost by Degree Level

  • Program Name Degree Type Tuition Living Total
    Undergraduate Fall 2024 Bachelor’s $69,904 $25,321 $95,225
  • Program Name Degree Type Tuition Living Total
    Spring 2024 Programs Master’s $48,819 $24,042 $72,861
    Summer 2024 Programs Master’s $48,819 $25,274 $74,093
    Fall 2024 Programs Master’s $48,819 $25,274 $74,093
  • Program Name Degree Type Tuition Living Total
    Fall 2024 Programs Doctorate $58,171 $25,274 $83,445
  • Program Name Degree Type Tuition Living Total
    Summer 2024 Programs Graduate Certificate $48,819 $25,274 $74,093
    Fall 2024 Programs Graduate Certificate $48,819 $25,274 $74,093

What is an Acceptable Financial Document?

Please visit our USC Guidelines for Acceptable Financial Support Documentation for more information.

How to Submit Your Documents

Undergraduate students: You must submit your documents when you apply for admission. Please submit them with the Common Application.

Graduate students: We will require financial documentation only if you are admitted to and choose to attend USC. Financial documents for graduate students are not required or accepted when you apply for admission. Please do not send any financial documents while your application is under consideration, as they will not be reviewed.

Admitted students who have committed to attend USC can log in to Trojan International to:

1) Submit their financial statement.

2) Submit their passport copy.

3) Request their I-20.

Please log in with your USC NetID and click on the “Admission” menu to proceed. We also recommend reading the Trojan International Checklist beforehand for guidelines on how to prepare your passport and financial documents.