USC offers several options for students who are unable to commit to full-time, on-campus graduate programs, as well as those who seek additional assistance to achieve academic success in such programs.

Online Programs

As part of an ongoing effort to expand educational access without compromising its standards for academic rigor and quality, USC now offers over 80 of its outstanding graduate programs online. Each program is developed to meet the educational and professional requirements specific to that discipline. Graduate students who choose to pursue our online degree programs will enjoy the convenience and flexibility of such an option while benefiting from USC’s reputation for excellence and the same demanding intellectual standards we set for our on-campus students. For more information, please visit the USC Online website.

Limited Status Enrollment

Prospective students who do not wish to seek formal admission to a USC graduate degree have the option to take classes through our Limited Status program. Students must receive prior approval from their department of interest before completing the registration form, available from the Office of Academic Records and Registrar. You can learn more about the process here.

International Academy

Students seeking to prepare their English and academic skills for the rigors of graduate study at USC may wish to explore USC’s International Academy. The Academy offers intensive English-language instruction, as well as preparatory programs designed to help prospective graduate students learn how to read and critically assess academic texts and develop better communication skills. Students can also learn how to improve their GRE/GMAT test-taking strategies and achieve the scores required for their intended degree programs. For more information, please visit the International Academy’s website.